„Red, White, Black and Purple“
The Fleetgroup, 2011
1 min 29 sec (loop)

The video work is shown in exhibition at visarte.austellungsraum „Goldenes Kalb Aarau“ / CH
Opening: Friday 5. August 2011 / 19:00
with live underground band „Trakschia“

press release visarte.ausstellungsraum goldenes kalb aarau:

Mates – Made

9. august – 17. april 2010
Opening: friday, 5. august 2011, 19.00 – 21.00h

Opening hours: Mi till Fr: 11.30 – 18.30 > Sa: 10.00 – 16.00

With „Mates-made“ Sophie Hofer developed a title which grew in collaboration with Mariann Oppliger into a exhibition concept which will be realized at the opening 5. August. The two artists are not really a collective. But always driven by similar questions, they assert, construct and project in more and more common projects their own idea of art and the different players in art system.

In spring 2011  – with support of swiss art council –  they made a journey to Georgia where the artists developed in action and reaction with georgian protagonists their own scenario in the capital Tbilisi.

Three georgian artists  – named the fleetgroup – became the projection screen of the two swiss artists and created in commission in the role of the underground the video work «Red, White, Black and Purple».

According to contract one exemplar of the video made for 300.- went to Hofer and Oppliger. The artists consider the minimalist work of their georgian friends as subversively reaction of their own work and put «Red, White, Black and Purple» together with a live concert of the underground band «Trakschia» (georgian for backside) in the center of their exhibition «Mates – Made» in the gallery of visarte Aargau, the „The Golden Calf“.

curator: Angela Thut, angela.thut(at)gmx.ch